Bruce Rigby
Photorealism, mixed media and more

Artwork seen here represents two directions: an earlier series of acrylic automobile paintings and my current mixed media Wall Series.

The auto paintings are a nostalgic look at the sculptural quality of automobiles, with their bulbous, curving body lines, produced during the 1930s through the 1950s, . The highly polished reflective body panels and chromed bumpers present a complexity of shapes, often depicting a scene within a scene. Daniel Shearer, of the Princeton Packet, wrote: "There's something about the polished chrome of a '57 Chevy that makes Rigby's heart pump a little faster. Cars designed today, he says, just don't hold the same kind of fascination for him. They lack the curvy, anthropomorphic lines of the "tri-year" classics a term automobile buffs use to lovingly refer to '55, '56 and '57 model Chevrolets. For the hundred or more hours he spends working on a painting, his mind visits a dream world populated with vehicles designed to look like rocket ships. Vintage firetrucks and a variety of show cars come to life under his brushes."

The Wall Series works are executed in mixed media on wood and by contrast are more spontaneous and visceral. They are based on visual situations seen throughout daily life which are not inteded for normal viewing by the public. I am intrigued by the record of physical activity and energy more evident in a visual environment not designed, or perhaps even intended, for public consumption. By reducing concern for a perfectly finished product, a more relaxed, less formal esthetic is allowed to emerge. This series is more real than the illusions carefully constructed in the auto series.

Both the auto and wall series are also available in archival giclee prints.


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